Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"If I like the trial, can I later just "convert" it to a normal subscription?"

Yes, your server will just remain running. We will keep it 'up' as long as you'd like it (and pay for it). You can setup the system as you like and configure/install anything.

"Has the (trial) server been used by anyone else, can I trust it?"

We copy a template system that is securely created by us, and only maintained by us (as far as you could say that for Open Source software). Every VPS is freshly installed from the template image. Since customers get RAW disk access, we must be extra careful. Unlike some other big VPS providers may have done, every partition is systematically wiped (filled with 0-bytes) before we give someone access to it. The servers make use of the standard (generally trusted) repositories.

"Can I start small and upgrade my system when I need more diskspace or memory?"

You can start exceptionally small with us, such a small case is normally not possible with dedicated servers. Still you will have easy growing capabilities. "Grow as you go", as we call it, means that when you need more RAM you can easily upgrade it. Often the upgrades happen the same day they were requested.

"How do I reset my system?"

Via the Control Panel. You can reset your system in two ways: softly and hard. Softly means that it will allow a more or less clean shutdown of all processes. Hard resets will terminate all running processes abruptly. So as a last resort, you can reset your server.

"Can I use the swap-space for storage?"

No, please don't do this. We optimize your performance by differentiating swap space from normal hard disk space, because it's I/O patterns are different. This is to get more performance out of the shared service and to further lessen the impact of others on the same hardware. In some cases we may flush the swap space, so if you put data on it, make sure you don't rely on this data.

"What is reverse DNS and why is it important?"

If you type in a web address, your computer will look up the IP address of the server that hosts that website, using the hostname ( to This is a normal, or forward lookup. The lookup that goes in the other direction is called a reverse lookup. In a way, it is a proof that you have authority over your IP. For example, many e-mail servers require you to be able to set the Reverse DNS entry (IP to hostname) identical to the forward DNS entry (name to IP). AOL, is one of those providers that will not receive your e-mail unless you have control over your reverse DNS entry.

"Can I get a reverse DNS entry for my IP(s)?"

Via the Control Panel you can specify your desired reverse DNS name per IP. To prevent abuse, we require you to have authority to point back the domain to the IP. You should own and/or control the domain name.

"What is reverse DNS, how does it work and why do I want this?"


This is a forward DNS entry:
A reverse DNS entry is the oposite, an IP tells you what domain is hosted there:

If you own a domain name, you can do the first via your domain registrar or DNS service. If you own an IP at BudgetDedicated, you can use those IPs to point back to a domain name. This signifies that you own this IP which make messages (e-mail) from this IP more trustworthy, especially if the forward and reverse entry match. Your e-mail will have less chance of being marked as spam. E-mail systems are not the only systems that attribute more 'trust' to your server if the reverse DNS entry matches, but it's the most common example. Of course it also shows others that you really own and/or can control your IPs.

You can write "", for example. The most important part is that you control the name and can set the www of to point to your IP If this is configured and these settings are propagated, you're able to set the reverse entry.

"Can I end my account any time?"

Yes. Because we're confident that we can make you another satisfied customer, we don't require a contract period longer than one calendar month. Moreover, there is no risk involved in giving it a try! If you don't need the service anymore, just let us know before your next month.

"Do you offer IPv6?"

Yes. Even better, we offer it natively. So there's no need to tunnel your server's connection. And it's entirely free of charge! For usage instructions, click here!