Fedora Core

Fedora is a set of projects, sponsored by Red Hat and guided by the Fedora Project Board. These projects are developed by a large community of people who strive to provide and maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards.

Fedora Core, the central Fedora project, is an operating system and platform, based on Linux, that is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute, now and forever.

 A lot of our customers use Fedora Core. We have multiple versions of it available. The only downside to Fedora is that upgrading from one version to another is not possible. It will require a reinstall. However once you have a running version of Fedora code the support for it is very long term. The system will stay stable and keep running. We have very good experience with Fedora core, the influence of Redhat (official in this one) is very noticable and we can recommend this distro to any fan of RedHat like system.

The package manager for Fedora is yum, just like with Redhat. But there is also the management system anaconda that takes care of several aspects of the system configuration.

Personally we do not use Fedora Core, however a lot of our customers do and to great success, they hardly ever report any problems.

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