Interested in becoming a reseller?
There are two easy ways to make money or greatly reduce your costs if you become a reseller for us.

Directly reselling by referring to our service

If you tell others about our service and get them to sign up for a server on our platform you get 10 euro extra credit per paying customer in your balance. If you end up with a reasonably large surplus on your balance we can transfer these funds back to your PayPal or bank account. For most this type of referring will just be a small help in paying the bills, nevertheless keep this in mind when referring people to us!

Becoming a full reseller

If you create users on our website, you can limit these users to the control of a subset (or single) of your servers with us. The pages these users use to manage their servers are available in a white label version upon request. Also we have an API available that you can use to hook the control of the server into your own website. This way you get to brand the functionality that people need under your own website. In this way, there are virtually no limitations.

This setup enables you to resell our services directly to your own customers. You pay our fees and you can charge your customers your own price.

Creating your own pre-installed image

The best way to make money from this is by creating and installing a server image that has some valuable features. Build a generic system with your own knowledge of for instance a certain LAMP setup, content management system, telephone system or what you feel is your specialty. Once you have set up this server, you can let us install consecutive instances of this server. With just a very small amount of tweaking you can have the server ready for your customers. We will never contact your customers directly if you do not want us too.

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