Ubuntu is an African word, it means "Humanity to others" or "I am what I am because of who we all are". The Ubuntu distribution tries to bring 'Ubuntu' to the world of the Desktop PC.

Ubuntu is a Debian like system. It's package manager is apt.
The advantage over Debian is that Ubuntu upgrades the versions of software more often. This way you get newer versions of apache/php etc more quickly. This also means that Ubuntu is a little less stable than Debian. Unstable here does not mean that it crashes more often, but it means that you need to keep a closer look at changing configurations.
We offer serveral Ubuntu flavours, all bare systems based on the current Long Term Supported Bionic Beaver 18.04, and all images are 64bits.
We recommend these distributions to anyone, novice to power user, that would like slightly newer software. The apt package system works very well on our platform and it lets you install services in a matter of seconds.

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